today is Xander 1st fan meeting in HONGKONG, held in E-MAX (KITECT).

i won’t forget what i had experienced tonight.

XANDER is back! and he is so awesome!

dances so cool, sings so great!

i admit i love him more and more now.


i cried from the opening. when i just saw Xander, i just couldn’t stop crying.

when he performed again on he stage, OMG! i cried again….

we took a photo at the end of the fan meeting, tho it was a big photo shot with other fans, i cried in front of him again….

"oh, Don’t cry" he comforted me, and hugged me!

couldn’t believe that! and i should have held him back but i didn’t =(


thank you for everything, you words, your video, this 1st fan meeting!

i am grateful that you cherish XANDERETTES.

you didn’t give up and keep going on the road that you have chosen.

XANDER, i support you, and love you forever<3

there are just 16.5 hours left to meet ALEXANDER!
i have to sleep now!~
in order to have full of energy, to enjoy the meeting,

see you tomorrow!=D


1 day is left! so excited!

D-1 to meet Xander in HONGKONG!

it is quite unblievable since i think it would just be my dream….

but finally, it comes true!

hope i can sleep early tonight, and have full of energy to SCREAM, SCREAM and SCREAM!!=D

XANDER, please wait for me! =)


내일! 저는 산더오빠를 만날거에용~ 너무 흥분해용!

믿을 수 없는 꿈이 이제 꿈이아니야~

오늘 밤 저는 꼭 잘 자야 해!!

산더오빠~ 저를 기다려수세용! =)

this is my first post on tumblr.!

welcome~ =D